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Another Cup Day Goes Cashless – Albany Racing Club

The Cashless Events team enjoyed a busy Easter weekend at the Albany Racing Club as the Albany Cup went cashless for the 2018 carnival.

Another Cashless Cup

After a quick re-introduction to our RFID payment devices, the Albany Racing Club bar and food staff were able to serve hundreds of patrons in record time, with minimal lines at all bar and food vendors throughout the event.

With thousands of RFID wristband activation’s over the course of the race day, all spending and data is tracked in real time through Cashless Events State-of-the-Art system, providing valuable data to the race club for future carnivals.

When asked on the reaction to Cashless Events RFID payment technology at the two race days, Jack Young – CEO of the Albany Racing Club stated “ We were pleased to partner with Cashless Events for our TABTouch Ladies day and Wellington Reeves Albany Cup Day , our staff loved the ease of use of Cashless events technology and our patrons loved  the speed of service at our biggest events for the year, we look forward to an ongoing relationship with Cashless Events”

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