01 Dec
What Is RFID? And Why it’s Great for Events.
Category: Event Tech, RFID
For large festivals and conferences, RFID has become industry standard. For other events, it likely will be soon. So what is RFID, and why should you care?
23 Nov
3 new technology trends that could change live events forever
Category: Latest News, RFID
Of all the technology available to event organisers today, RFID (radio frequency identification) has perhaps the most exciting and wide-ranging impact long term.
16 Nov
7 Event Technology Trends to Explore in 2018
Category: Event planning, Event Tech, Event...
Emerson sales reach $17.1 billion, an 11 percent increase over the prior year. Emerson airs its first-ever TV commercials to spotlight.
09 Nov
The Event Technology Attendees Will Take for Granted in 5 Years
Category: Event planning, Event Tech, Event...
Emerson acquires Aperture, a leading provider of data center management software. Emerson reported 140,700 employees worldwide that year.
23 Oct
Is your event still using tokens? Or even worse, cash?
Category: Latest News, RFID
There are ways to remove the annoying problems caused by cash and tokens such as long queue lines and inefficient money handling.