Has Your Event Experienced the Cashless Revolution?

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Has Your Event Experienced the Cashless Revolution?

Win more business and get your event into the 21st century –  Add RFID cashless technology to your next sales presentation, Cashless Events can partner with you to help your event perform stronger!

NEAP Solutions and our mighty parent company Glownet enjoyed an incredible 2017 where we literally delivered events from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Thanks to our partner companies more people across the globe have experienced a more seamless festival experience than ever before. We have expanded far beyond the Music space and are now the technology of choice for  exhibitions, corporate events and sport venues around the globe.

We offer a robust cashless payment solution which is revolutionizing the live events industry by adding security and simplicity for event promoters and convenience and ease for patrons.

Our cashless solution offers the following value-added services.

  • Advanced top up when customers buy their tickets online, or onsite during the event
  • A customer Point of Sale system for each vendor report
  • Statistics on devices to monitor live sales
  • Daily vendor reports
  • Comprehensive sales reports
  • Customer refunds either on site, online, or both
  • On site customer service tools providing full transparency

If you are a promoter or Events company organising an event talk to us first to see how easy it is to go cashless and see the benefits

These are only a few of the benefits RFID technologies bring to cashless systems. It is highly anticipated that in the future, not only will most events implement RFID cashless systems , but also new technologies will develop that will bring the cashless idea to a new audience. With the current mass use of bio metric scanners of fingerprints from offices to mobile phones and the penetration of facial recognition software into mass markets, the future developments within this area are only growing. Regardless, it can only be expected that future cashless technologies will improve the live event industry and many others who opt to adopt this aspect into their business models.

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