What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. Tagging items with RFID tags allows users to automatically and uniquely identify and track inventory and assets. RFID takes data sharing technology to the next level by allowing tags to be read without line of sight.

Why use RFID?

RFID attendee tracking systems use the benefits of RFID technology to gather business intelligence at events like trade shows, conferences, corporate functions, and other large gatherings. RFID provides the visibility and metrics needed for informed decision making before, during, and after events.

How do cashless payments work for events?

Our RFID cashless bands store all pre-event ticket information and pre-event loaded funds accessible to patrons as soon as they enter the event.

When purchasing bar items, drinks, food or merchandise throughout the event, attendees tap their RFID wristband or card on a Cashless Events reader at each bar or vendor to make a purchase. Funds from their “digital wallet” are then transferred instantly to complete the transaction, this information is then tracked and matched to specific vendors for settlement on completion of the event.

How do RFID Wristbands work for events?

While RFID wristbands are one of the more common ways to “attach” RFID tags to event goers, they are not the only means of doing so. The minimal size of the tags means they can also be embedded into various other devices, e.g. cards, stickers, keyrings, etc.

Barcodes application at events is limited as they only can read information. RFID technology has a much wider and secure application as it can read, write and modify the information stored on your customers RFID tag. Additional advantages of RFID include better read range and being far more difficult to replicate through fraud or theft.

What benefits do Cashless Events bring to attendees

Patrons enjoy an enhanced experience with much shorter wait times, increased security and removing the need to carry wallets and tickets. The main benefits for guests include:

  • Fast, easy transactions
  • Easily track event spend
  • No need to carry cash or coins
  • Less wait time to be served at bars/vendors
  • More time to enjoy the event
  • Streamlined event experience

What benefits do Cashless Events bring to Event Organisers?

Running a cashless event typically increases customer satisfaction while creating new revenue opportunities for organisers. Some of the main benefits typically include:

  • Increased spend from attendees
  • Cash management liabilities are lessened
  • Increased security and control
  • Minimize the opportunity for theft or fraud
  • The ability to apply real-time, advanced purchasing analytics
  • Increased sponsorship value

How does Cashless Events Online Ticketing and cashless top-up work?

  • Patrons purchase tickets online and transfer funds to their “digital wallet” pre-event
  • Patrons then present their ticket at the gate
  • Tickets are scanned before being presented with an activated RFID wristband
  • Patron data is transferred to an RFID wristband instantly and is admitted to the event

What are the benefits of cashless events online ticketing and access control?

Using Access Control gives event organisers a simple-yet-powerful way of leveraging RFID technology to run better and smoother events. Some of the unique advantages of this include:

  • Impossible to fraud
  • Security and Control over multiple zones
  • Speed up Entry Times
  • Real-time patron and stock Insights
  • Seamless integration
  • Elimination of costly human errors

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