Oktoberfest Sunshine Coast Partner with Cashless Events for 2018

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Oktoberfest Sunshine Coast Partner with Cashless Events for 2018


Cashless Events are thrilled to be partnering with Oktoberfest 2018 on the Sunshine Coast as they go cashless with our revolutionary RFID and online ticketing technology.

Oktoberfest Sunshine Coast will feature the biggest beer hall the Sunshine Coast has ever seen, holding nearly 5,000 Oktoberfest enthusiasts. Cashless Events are thrilled to be implementing our RFID cashless payment and online ticketing technology for all festival goers!

Oktoberfest 2018 is a brand-new festival for the Sunshine Coast and has been set up as a completely cashless event thanks to Cashless Events, both patrons and event staff will experience the full benefits of a cashless festival with less lines, fast ticket access and swift bar / food service throughout the weekend.


Cashless Events online ticketing capabilities gives all patrons who pre-purchase tickets the ability to create a Digital Wallet and top-up funds online that are accessible as soon as they enter Oktoberfest Sunshine Coast, eliminating excessive queues and wait times around the festival.

Patrons will also have access to Cashless Events top-up facilities dotted throughout the Festival to easily top up their Digital Wallet.


As usual all purchases at the event will be completed through  Cashless Events state-of-the-art RFID cashless wristband system with patrons able to track their spending and available funds in real-time after any purchase.

As this is Oktoberfest’s first year on the Sunshine Coast, the benefits of having cashless payment technology are clear, with all patron spending data tracked and updated in real-time, Event Managers can make future decisions based on this data, giving event holders more control than ever before.

For more information visit Oktoberfest Sunshine Coast website 

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