Top 20 reasons why Cashless Events payment technology is better than Pay Pass

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Top 20 reasons why Cashless Events payment technology is better than Pay Pass

If you are currently using or thinking of investing in Pay Pass, you may want to reconsider.

Below we list some of the basic issues that you may encounter, as well as the many benefits you will get by using Cashless Events evolutionary RFID cashless technology.

Cashless Events Top 20

  1.  Eliminates Ongoing merchant fees.
  2.  Eliminates the need for cash, additional security and cash transport.
  3. Eliminates the need for multiple expensive Eftpos terminals.  
  4. Eliminates the need for Wi-Fi at Point Of Sale.
  5. Eliminates expensive Point of Sale hardware.
  6. The ability to create sponsorship opportunities on Cashless Events RFID wristbands.
  7. Cashless Events RFID technology is a closed loop system. Therefore, if the WI-FI goes down or there is a power malfunction, patrons will still be able to be served, and no data lost.
  8. Not every patron will have an active Pay Pass Credit Card.
  9. All event staff with a Cashless Events device have the ability to top up patrons throughout your event, therefore eliminating the need for patrons to queue for cash.
  10. Funds can be pre-loaded onto a patron’s cashless wristband which encourages additional spending.
  11. Patrons can find out at any given time the amount of alcohol they have consumed. Enabling venues to promote “Drink wise”
  12. Enables additional Revenue Streams for venues and promoters.
  13. Yellow and Red card abilities for patrons to be cautioned and restricted alcohol sales, therefore assisting with RSA guidelines.
  14. Controlled access and increased security levels with different coloured bands.
  15. Enables 100% transparency with every transaction.
  16. Staff monitoring, including real-time sales activity.
  17. Full post-event analytical data available to promoters.
  18. Pre-event fund top up and online refund capabilities for patrons.
  19. Cashless Events payment data is individually personalised and customised to all of our client’s unique specifications.
  20. Pay Wave information is not personalised and is sent back in a standard format.
These are just a few TOP LINE differences why Cashless Events revolutionary RFID technology will be a game changer for you, your staff and your patrons at your next event.

Our global experience will help your event run smoothly and save you money.
You also have the ability to create additional revenue streams.
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