Smart Technology for University Open Days

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Smart Technology for University Open Days

It is critical to maximise every opportunity with every potential candidate.

RFID smart technology as used in Cashless Concerts, Festivals and Sporting events has been tailored for University OPEN DAYS.

Cashless Events show you how to get instant data on every visitor to your open day.

First we register your visitors and give them all a unique RFID wristband. From there, as they visit each exhibition stand, visitors swipe their wristband and instantly register their details into the University data base. You can even add notes e.g. “He is interested in this course because…. ” And then rate their level of interest by using an Uber style personal rating on the device.

Its so simple and so quick. It takes sub 2 second swipe from your wristband to device to get all relevant visitor details meaning no more time consuming data entry and compiling lists for weeks.

Branding Opportunities – 

If you`re putting on a concert or other large scale event, we can instantly add value for you and your guests, by working with local businesses or companies for sponsorship activation’s or even a relevant supplier like Red Bull that will sponsor each RFID band for the event.

For more information or free demonstration – Contact us today and while your here check out our Top 20 Reasons why RFID is better than PayPass